5 tips to increase pleasure during sex

Routine, shame and lack of confidence are often the worst enemies of sexual pleasure. Others, however, believe that it is because of age. Well, stop thinking nonsense! With desire, with the ideal partner and putting everything on your part, sex can be very pleasant at any age fertility supplements for women.

Therefore, here we give you the best advice to increase your pleasure in sex , ready to put them into practice?

1. Everything is in communication

It is important to keep an open line of communication with your partner to know what you like most and what exactly you need in privacy.

2. Have fun!

To enjoy sex as it is never essential that you dare to try new things, forget about shyness and see in each sexual encounter the opportunity to have a moment to experience and have fun!

3. Previous stimulation: the key factor!

It is one of the most important parts to prepare you, it will help you relax, lubricate better, avoid pain or friction during penetration and also to experience new sensations.

Another very important advice is to stay stimulated while the penetration is taking place.

Talk to your partner to find the best way to do it, for example, using lubricant can be a very easy way to make things flow better.

4. Know yourself!

It is important that you know yourself well and experiment with yourself and your partner in order to know which are the positions, kisses, movements and caresses that most excite you. They will help you to reach the climax!

5. Everything is in the mind

The mind is also an essential part because, if you are not focused on the present and relaxed moment, sex will never be pleasant for you.

Do not let your thoughts distract you, pressure you or get to block you, the only thing you should concentrate on is to enjoy that moment forget about other problems, pending or worries that you have! Try it and you will notice the difference in your next love session.

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