Tips to increase your Instagram followers

Nowadays, the importance of having an Instagram profile that transmits the values ​​of our brand is undeniable. The evolution of this social network in recent years has been dizzying, and many speak of Instagram as the “new Facebook” since the latter seems to be in decline as opposed to the first. Perhaps its success is due to  the  visual content  is the king of social networks, every day there are more users (if not the majority) that access the network through their  smartphones  or that  every time we have less time and we look for content that is faster and more immediate to consume. Instagram gives us all those requirements.

Buy instagram followers Now, it is increasingly difficult to generate a really big community, because of the amount of competition trying to make room for it and the continuous obstacles that we have to face in order to reach this goal, due to its dreaded algorithm.  Do not worry, in this post we give you all the keys to increase your followers of Instagram organically and not despair in the attempt.

The engagement, a fundamental factor

The engagement translates as the ability of a brand or a product to create a stable and lasting bond with a specific audience, and thus retain our customers. Specifically on Instagram, the engagement rates are much higher than in any other social network, specifically 20.3% according to an IAB study. Therefore, if you are on Instagram you should know that a high rate of engagement usually translates into more business opportunities and better results. But how to generate it?

  • Generates content on a regular basis:  The most important thing to start growing in a mass social network like Instagram, is to generate content on a regular basis . By doing this we get our photos to reach more people and not be forgotten. Now, these have to be of quality.
  • Beware of publication schedules: Upload content at a time when your ‘followers’ are active, will make your publication generate more impacts and can reach more users. It would also be necessary to carry out a previous study of your followers, since the time difference in an account with an international audience can play tricks on us.
  • Use hashtag popular: Although the excessive use of hashtags can hurt you when it comes to vitality your photo, take advantage of popular hashtag (always within the sector and the values ​​of our brand) can position us very positively and increase our followers
  • Receive comments in your posts: Receiving ‘likes’ is one thing, but comments are one of the best signs of your audience’s participation, since they spend time writing one. For this, it is interesting to make ‘Call to action’ or calls to action so that your ‘followers’ (current and potential) interact.
  • Take advantage of the ‘stories’:  The ‘stories’, believe it or not, have a very important value for your followers and have a huge potential in your Instagram account. Through this tool, we will have a much more direct contact with our ‘followers’ and the volume of activity will be greater, which will make our interaction rates bear faith in it.
  • Make sweepstakes or contests: Many brands carry out this type of actions to generate more traffic and reach more potential customers, and thus increase our number of followers. Now, we recommend that you use tools such as Easypromos to make sure you have legal bases that endorse this raffle.

Have an attractive ‘feed’: Complicated but effective

Your ‘feed’ is your business card and the face of your business in networks. Behind each face, there is a personality. In this way, your Instagram theme is that personality. That is why it is important to do well. Through an attractive and worked ‘feed’, we will generate a trust in the user that will, to a greater extent than if we do not count on it, join our community and increase our followers. With these simple tips, we will help you create an attractive ‘feed’ while expressing the values ​​of your brand:

  • Choose a theme:  your photos should revolve around a specific theme, with which your followers feel identified. That is, understand your brand.
  • Tones and harmony:  since not everything has to be ‘selfies’, it is good to choose certain colors and key elements that are strong in your photographs. In this way, your followers will identify when it comes to photos of you and you will enter your memory easier. Now, this is not a static rule, you can change over time.
  • Well-lit photos: natural light is the best light to work with but sometimes it is not possible to get it. If you are indoors, it is best to use white light. Also, something important is that you learn from contrasts and know how to use shadows well to create a visually powerful ‘feed’.
  • Follow a specific editing style: there is no correct way to edit, as each person has a style and freedom to do so. Now, the important thing is that you stick to an editing style and give your ‘feed’ a general graphic style that makes it look visually appealing. For this you can use some free apps, such as the world famous Vsco.
  • Plan your photos with time: you can plan your publications a few days in advance. Thus, you can detect which photos are more appropriate at each moment depending on the post that surrounds you. That is, as we mentioned above, everything is based on harmony.

Do not buy followers

It seems simple: the more you grow your followers, the more visible your brand will be. But is not. Beyond having a large number of followers, these should have or generate a value, what we previously talked about in the ‘engagement’ section. It is what really generates growth in a brand’s social network.

With this premise, it would be easy to fall into the temptation to buy followers for your networks. With a few euros, you can get thousands of ‘followers’ … but at what price? These followers are what are called “ghosts”, that is, they do not generate any kind of interaction with your account. They do not offer you comments, or ‘likes’, or share your content. They are only a number. This can be very damaging and generate brand crisis, which will result in a decrease in credibility towards your customers.

Our advice is that, if you want to grow fast, instead of doing this kind of activities, you will not try to implement any promotion within the social network. Instagram allows you to redirect them directly to your own profile and, for a few euros, reach many potential followers.

Finally, the publicity of your social networks on the web, corporate blog, emails and newsletters, are very useful to grow your Instagram community by its great success rate, in addition to taking advantage of other resources offline as establishments.

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